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DESCRIPTION: A 33-rank pipe organ.
DAMAGE: The pipe organ, along with some other church figures, have been piled into a 53’ semi trailer in the parking lot adjacent to the church.  It is clear from the haphazard manner in which the organ components are placed in this trailer that all of the damage to the organ pipes can be attributed to improper handling and storage.  Components are stacked on top of each other or placed on pallets with no means of protection for sensitive inner components, and there is absolutely no organization.  The zinc bass pipes are stacked within and on top of one another, exacerbating the already considerable damage the pipes suffered prior to being placed in the trailer.

RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: Repair the following pipes, including on-site sorting/scaling, transportation, metal work, preparation, and voicing:
24 Pd. Prin 16’
24 Pd. Violone 16’
12 Pedal Spits 8’
12 Great Gemshorn 8’
12 Choir Krummhorn 8’
24 Swell Trompette 16’
12 Great Trumpet 8’
24 Pedal Posaune 16’

FEE FOR TREATMENT: $  25,872.00
SCOPE OF CLAIM: $  25,872.00
COMMENT: The replacement cost for the pipes in question would be $49,560.00.  However, in our opinion, there is no damage severe enough to any set of pipes to warrant complete replacement.